Molami Twine Headphones: When Audio Accessories and Fashion Combined

Old school sound frill could be massive and unflattering regarding the matter of both design and magnificence, yet the Molami Twine headphones have a specific end goal, which is to change that. Admitting that it gives wander sound to listen to music, the headphones don't accompany normal outlines. Rather, it is part headphone and part headscarf.

Centering on structure the same as role, Molami Twine headphones will draw in ladies who love their music yet won't listen to it in available for trepidation of trading off their looks or, on a more fundamental level, their solace.

Made by streamlined fashioner Maria von Euler, the Molami Twine headphones falls in accordance with her craving to "frame and enhance the feminine face," as composed on her resource. It is ready in different shade ways incorporating dark and gold and white and silver. Also our read Thom Yorke Collaboration with Worthless & Bone Carried on

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