Styled To Rock will Rock US Fashionistas in 2013

A British rendition of Styled To Rock with Rihanna broadcast in August 2012 on the Sky Living channel in the UK. The sequence has on account of been taken over by the Style Network with Rihanna at the rudder, and the organization for the revamped time of year is situated to be tailored to fit an American gathering of people.

Styled To Rock is a TV actuality show which is around a rivalry between architects to make furnishes for a mixture of superstars. The TV show is to air on style grid for the present year, 2013.

Styled  To Rock has been compared with the Lifetime series "Project Runway." There could be 12 junior designers decided on by Rihanna. Every scene, a diverse VIP will co-star for the creators to style. At each scene, Rihanna and the visitor will verify who will press on to the following round and who can be disposed of.

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