Uncharted Trophy Patch Released

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The Naughty Dog devs have just released a new patch for their game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The patch is available in all regions now and comes in at a 13mb download. Bringing with it a total of 48 new trophies, 47 of which are tied to medal system already in game. The final trophy (platinum) is achievable once unlocking all 47.

Go fire up your PS3's and start a new game. Because yes, the trophies are not retroactive, meaning you need to start all over. This was made to prevent people from cheating by simply downloading a save file and skipping their way to some free trophies. But hey it gives you a good reason to replay this awesome title.

If you still haven't picked up this awesome game yet, this should be even more reason do so. Now go pop in that disc and hunt down those trophies!!

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