PS3 NES Emulator Update

Apparently the last version posted (PS3 NES Emulator Thru BD-J Hack) was actually an old version of the emulator and a newer and better build is available. Installation is the same. Controls are almost the same; instead of pressing 3 you press the red square to go back to the rom-list. But the display of games on screen has been upgraded. The games are now displayed at fullscreen in 16:9 display and look wonderful! Really brings back memories.

How to install:

- Extract the folders and place the folder "AVCHD" into the root of a USB storage device (ex: memory stick, psp, etc..)

- Copy your NES roms into the folder "AVCHD".

- Go over to the video section on your XMB and press X on the said device.

- Once inside you'll see what appears to be a video called "AVCHD". Run it and then select your game.

- The game will begin load. For controls, press the square button for B and press the X button for A. Press the triangle button to bring up the PS3's video options menu; press 1 for select and 2 for the start button. To return to the rom-list menu, press the red square icon in the video options menu.

Download NES Emulator Update

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