PS3 Firmware 2.50

Well, for those who own the PS3 you may be interested to know that Sony is coming out with a new firmware, 2.42 or 2.50. Well if the PS3 owners don't know yet why Sony release 2.40 or 2.41, any firmware that has 2.41 is for bugs in the ps3, while the firmware that is 2.40 is for the big updates. At the moment we don't know which firmware Sony's going to release, that's why it's a rumor. According Ninjaraiden89 a member on the official PlayStation Forum, it will be launched on July 31 and will be firmware 2.50.

According Ninjaraiden89 will include the following functions are occupants:

-PLAYSTATION Lifestyle a large globe where you play the weather and news on the whole world can see.
-The way how the visual player is used has changed
-The place and date of the clock in the XMB you can now customize.

That's all that has been said for now, so we will keep you inform as further information comes out.

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